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GGP Health Equity Projects & Impact

The Global Grant Program’s commitment to data-driven strategies to strengthen data systems and promote data use has yielded transformative impact. Our health equity focused projects have accomplished the following:

24 projects demonstrated data-informed action

Resulting in data availability for health assessments that aided governments in resource allocation and effective planning data. Improved surveillance, health impact assessments, and data use enable governments to strategically allocate resources and design policies and programs that will have the most impact on people’s health.

13 teams targeted gender equity and 12 targeted geographic equity

Particularly in Africa and South America, with Brazil and Peru taking the lead. These were the top two equity subcategories projects worked on for each Data for Health programmatic area.

Over 129,000 births registered

In historically hard-to-reach and under-registered areas. 4 teams in Africa made significant improvements in birth registration, engaging and training over 640 personnel. These projects are utilizing community-based surveillance to ensure birth registrations are occurring in geographically hard to reach areas, such as rural communities and conflicted-affected areas.

4,000 Verbal Autopsies conducted

Which empowered local communities with data on causes of death, deepening the understanding of health disparities to guide targeted interventions. Three of these projects successfully trained over 90 enumerators and 265 VA Field supervisors in VA implementation.

13 Data Impact resources produced

Data Impact projects in South America improved data analysis and access for policymaking, by developing COVID-19 dashboards, facilitating data accessibility and analysis, notably in Peru and Rio de Janeiro. Two projects had a gender equity component while the others focused on assessing social determinants of health, geography, and access to services and medicines.

Completed Projects

To learn more about our completed projects and their accomplishments, please visit the links below.

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