Application Process

Timeline and requirements to apply for a grant


The Global Grants Program (GGP) is targeted to ministries of health, statistical and other relevant agencies at the national, subnational or municipal levels in low- and middle-income countries that have not received funding from the Data for Health (D4H) Initiative. In certain instances, applications from NGOs will also be considered. NGO applicants must provide evidence of government support.

The following countries are not eligible to apply:

Papa New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Sri Lanka

Funding Cycles

Fall 2019: Request for proposals opens on 9/25/2019 and closes at midnight (EST) on 11/15/2019.
Spring 2020: Please check back during January for opening and closing dates of our Spring 2020 funding cycle.

Funding Limits and Timeframe

Grant periods are up to 24 months. The maximum award per grant, per priority area is $150,000. Countries may apply for grants in different priority areas concurrently, with total awards per country not exceeding $300,000. Shorter-term grants are encouraged, as are lower award amounts.

Application Process

D4H partners collaborate with countries to develop, design and implement GGP projects. This collaboration constitutes the Country Team for the proposal development and project implementation process, and is formed through the following mechanisms:

How to Apply

Step 1:
View and download a sample application packet outlining the required information and recommendations for completing the grant application. For guidance on effective applications, click here.

Download Sample Application Packet

Step 2:
Download Budget Template Form through the link below. The completed budget template must be uploaded in the last step of the application form. Applications without descriptive budgets will not be considered. For guidance on effective budgets, click here.

Download Budget Template

Step 3:
Download Letter of Support Template form through the link below. We ask that completed Letters of Support be uploaded in the last step of the application form.

Download Letter of Support Template

Step 4:
Use this link to begin the application. Your work will be saved as you go. Once you’re ready to submit, you will find the submission button on the last page of the application.

Begin Application Here

Step 5:
A page confirming your application submission will appear once the form is completed. If we have any questions or concerns about your application, we will email you at that time.

If you have any questions, please email


Proposals will be initially reviewed by the GGP and comments will be provided to country teams for refinement and resubmission. Revised proposals are then submitted to a Review Committee for a formal review. The Committee may provide feedback to the proposing team, who are given an additional two weeks to respond to the feedback for final approval. Once the project is approved, the proposing team will develop a detailed work plan and deliverables-based disbursement schedule (see timeline below).


Post Award Actions

  • An official letter of approval will be sent out.
  • A fiscal agent will be identified in-country. A subgrant agreement will be issued between Vital Strategies and the fiscal agent.
  • A project work plan and detailed budget will be the first deliverable for all grants within 4 weeks of the approval, to be developed by the country team and delivered by the government focal point. Work plans should be developed collaboratively between government, the D4H technical partner, and the GGP team and will be informed by the comments from the Review Committee. The budget may require adjustment at this time.


All grantees will be required to provide monthly updates on implementation. Quarterly reports are required on progress, results and spending.


Grants will not be renewed, but country teams may submit proposals to scale-up work previously funded by D4H. These proposals will be reviewed as if a new proposal.

If you have any questions, please email

Application Process
Timeline and requirements to apply for a grant
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